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      所屬專題:上海學生英文報高中版  來源:上海學生英文報    要點:少年,在人生的考場上,你已經贏了  
      編輯點評: 又一年高考已經落下帷幕了,今年的高考也是眾生百態。你會為了幫助別人而選擇放棄自己準備了三年的高考嗎?在這場人生的考場上,一位少年選擇的是給自己的人生畫上完美的答卷。

      All too often in movies we see the main character standing at a fork in the road, a choice lies ahead of him; one path is the easy but not necessarily right decision whilst the other path is the right choice but will distract him from hisultimate goal. Whilst watching these kinds of films, we always will theprotagonist to take the correct path and at the same time, we like to think that if we were in that position we would do the right thing without giving it a second thought.

      This month, thousands of Chinese teenagers took part in quite possibly the most important exam of their lives—the gaokao. Most students’ school life is preparation for this exam. If you get a high grade, you can go to a good university which will make job hunting and future career prospects a lot brighter. However, if you get a low grade you probably won’t be able to go to your first choice university, or even study the major you chose, thus making your post-education years a lot more challenging.

      Now, imagine after all that studying you’re sitting in the exam hall waiting for the invigilator to tell you to begin and you see a girl faint and collapse to the floor. You are now at the fork in the road where you have to make a choice. Do you ignore what you’re seeing and wait for someone else to go to her aid? After all, you’re about to take a potentially life changing exam. Or, do you do the selfless thing by getting up and carrying her out of the room so she can get medical attention?

      On June 7, a boy found himself in this position and showed his true colours by putting the girl’s well being first and helping her, despite the potential impact this might have on his focus for the exam. Whatever his exam grade may be, we can all learn a lesson from this boy, who can hold his head high knowing his moral compass is pointing in the right direction.


      Do you think the boy make the right choice?

      A  Just so so.

      B No,I don't.

      C Yes, I do.