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      高考英語易錯詞匯:no more than用法

       來源:互聯網    要點:高考英語  
      編輯點評: 2017高考在即,小編為各位考生精心整理了一易錯詞匯,希望對大家有所幫助!

       一、no more than 與 not more than

        1. no more than 的意思是“僅僅”“只有”“最多不超過”,強調少。如:

        This test takes no more than thirty minutes. 這個測驗只要30分鐘。

        The pub was no more than half full. 該酒吧的上座率最多不超過五成。

        For thirty years, he had done no more than he (had) needed to. 30年來,他只干了他需要干的工作。

        2. not more than 為 more than (多于)的否定式,其意為“不多于”“不超過”。如:

        Not more than 10 guests came to her birthday party. 來參加她的生日宴會的客人不超過十人。

        比較:She has no more than three hats. 她只有3頂帽子。(太少了)

        She has not more than three hats. 她至多有3頂帽子。(也許不到3頂帽子)

        I have no more than five yuan in my pocket. 我口袋里的錢最多不過5元。(言其少)

        I have not more than five yuan in my pocket. 我口袋里的錢不多于5元。(也許不到5元)

        二、no more……than 與 not more……than

        1. no more……than 表示對兩者都否定,意為“同……一樣不”(=neither……nor……)。如:

        He is no more a writer than a painter. 他既不是畫家,也不是作家。(=He is neither a painter nor a writer.)

        He‘s no more able to read Spanish than I am. 他和我都讀不懂西班牙語。(=Neither he nor I am able to read Spanish.)

        I know no more Spanish than I know Greek. 我對西班牙語和希臘語同樣都不懂。(=I know neither Spanish nor Greek.)

        2. not more……than 指兩者都具有某種特征,但是程度不同,意為“不如”“不及”(= not so…… as)。如:

        She is not more clever than he is. 她不如他聰明。(=She is not so clever as he is.)

        This book is not more difficult than that one. 這本書不及那本書難。(This book is not so difficult as that one.)